Latin strength of lamb 2

Latin strength of lamb 2My head is stirred

Mixed with thoughts too heavy

Too hard to comprehend

When all I wanted

Ripped hard out of me

But if it is gone

Does it make it any less real?

If I do not feel its presence

Non-existent albeit

Does it be?

Desire towards sensation desired

Yet entirely remains wrong


Trust broke with time passed

And broken was the bond

You did well to see to.

We ran out of time

As seized so high

Yet plunged red hard

I do not want to

Walk forgotten roads

Waiting rescued unity

You watched me break

Your recipe for my disasters

Leading me arranged resiliently

Witnessed as our trust shattered

Ruined the ruins

Of a ready wrecked soul

Yet like an unlimited tree

You stood tall

Watching as your branches

Smashed any totality touched.

Nonetheless me it stayed

Fault shown and recognised

Enticing your love

Scruffing you collared

Told what wanted to be heard

Showed off all seen

But was wrong to so do?

To push so far to fall

Moved as I fell scheduled

This moment waited from start

In nothing other

Than the head of a monster

Senseless to contemplate

What you exposed to me truthful

No means preordained for shelter

Never destined for warmth

Not anything I felt

But never was your strategy

Solitarily meant for wounds

The blade you used soul of you

Fashioned to feel no pain

Entitled not for the user

Which is all you did to me

And I felt it



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