Latin strength of lamb

Lamb sat on the hillside

You stare at me, abstract

Even the waves can’t wash these walls

Yet you break small holes alone

Seeing deeper as water flows out

Yet thin air only pleases you

If time has shown it you.

As you learn my weaknesses

Is nothing enough

When never-ending hunger

Breaks for lust

Fed restricted direct to you


You asked for it.

Lamb, t’was you who opened the gates.

Alone, broken have the walls

Where they mine, did I let you in?

But did you rid the guard

That fed you nothingness

Yet you took like truth

To believe in only what you saw

Not what was there

Because I saw the eyes you used

Glazed with lies and dreams.

Will you feel me now?

Am I still your demon,

The one spoon-feeding your grief

When it is mine that

Ever so fills your soft dainty head

Nevertheless, happiness ever mine

You filled empty woollen space

With what was never yours

To take.

But you did, leaving

An empty shell

Wandering lost, lonely, lorn

Forever to be broken

Until returned to you am I

Wholesome non but piece by piece

As found is the wanderer

But lamb I ask you now

Why did you wish to break

What was already broken

As you found me when I was not lost

Bringing back my misery

Lending me your newfound grief

Watching me writhing

Oh, the Latin strength of Lamb

You only wished reopened wounds

Too deep to heal

Am I this?

Lamb, not all who wander are lost,

Should I glance away?

After all,

The power is in your eyes,

As of now, I see only what

Only mirrors could reflect.


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