The puppeteer

 The puppeteer

I will prove you wrong now

You don’t own me

I’m not your puppet anymore

Those strings broke at your touch

After you threw me to the ground

​Paint upon plastic

You repeatedly drew me a smile,

Made me more appealing.

But you forgot something,

For once, your mistakes cost you.

My smile will always be yours,

Do with it what you want.

However you never touched my heart

It lay within my emptiness

Hiding deep as my mouth readily reads your script,

Word for word, make no mistakes

Build a wall away from you.

Conceal, don’t feel,

Never for you to know,

The evil sneers that lay beneath.

So stop believing that you made me!

I am still nothing just as you found me,

Just as you left me.

​You never mattered to me,

And I never mattered to you.

We were both just games,

And after all the hours I believed you loved me,

All this time,

I was learning how to play,

Watching as you taught me how to break you.

Shrinking you down the way you did to me,

Attaching strings to you,

I hope you get hurt,

Feel the pain YOU inflicted.

But somehow you recover,

Only to make a toy,

Of the people who mean most to me.

​Your tricks beat me.

Getting enough to threaten,

Without any strings attached;

To stop me leaking the truth,

Stop me ruining your game.

You play it all too well.

After all, I obeyed,

I lay down before you

I let you get ahead,

And the truth is I couldn’t catch up.

Your tricks beat me,

Slipped through my shield,

Searching for my heart,

But it’s hidden,

So how come I feel like you’re winning?

​But trust me I will come back.

I’m still here, honey, a constant reminder.

And if I’m not allowed to forget,

If you won’t let me then neither can you.

I’m not your puppet anymore.

And guess what?

Us ‘puppets’ can talk,

Can love,

Can feel,

And we can hear.

So stop whispering and shout.

Shout the jeers you make behind us.

What are you scared of?

Scared your truths will resurface?

I, unlike you, am trying to carry on,

Am trying to forget.

So you can have our empty shells,

Gamble with what’s left.

My feelings aren’t there anymore.

You tossed them aside,

And now I will win.

And my frown will break through the mould.

You broke this toy,

And now you shall pay the consequences,

Because I belong to someone else now.

​You can’t make a profit on something

That’s costs more to repair,

Than it’s worth.

​So you can keep painting.

No one buys a broken toy…




Love from….

Your puppets xxxxx


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