How I know you’re perfect

Inserted into life
To prove a point.
Inserted for trial
So the next can be
Improved upon.
But this one wakes.
Suddenly aware
Of her plummeting
Respect lacking
Whispers rising
Time vanishing
World turning
Fear increasing
Peace thinning
Sickeningly sweet
The latest perches
Pedestals above.
Eyelashes longer
Bones defined
Curves accentuated.
Each promotion
Given a similar
Welcome here.
Everyone greeted in
The only way known,
Sobering us as
Equals for that
Split second.
But we’re not.
We remain as a
Breath hitching
Body rejecting
Eyes reflecting
Heart’s sleeping
Help swallowed
Love hung
Breath fading
Smile reverberating..

Test Compromised.
Trial 19-12 failed.


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