Loving through a phone

My tongue ran faster
Than my legs could keep up with.
My heart fell harder
Than the strength of a safety net.

Brought around and wound between;
reminder of our wasted youth.
Painfully brightened,
You remain able to shine
With the light you stole.

Never seen as a lady in comparison,
An emotional object powered
by our exchanges:
Sympathy for excitement.
But it was sympathy wasted.

Biased exchanges gained bias,
And like most things, never favouring me.
I spoke out against you
-with caution
And your tongue ran.

Words for insults sake,
Face aced upon morals,
I gave you chance upon chance
Blinded by the worry of self-diagnosed misery.

And here I lay swamped by black
My clouds darken when you’re near
But ensured by you,
My personal darkness
Unnoticeable to strong eyes.



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